Golf Fitness With Eric Redd

Eric Redd is one the top movement trainers in Los Angeles. His attention to detail is superior to any other trainer I know. Over the past year, Eric and I have worked together to develop a specific movement and nutrition based program for me.  I lost twenty pounds the correct way, and unlike other things I have tried, the pounds have stayed off.  Change requires consistency and a process. Stick with it and your results will amaze you.
What will you get from training with us? 
Move better, play better, feel bette and have fun  is the motto of our Golf Fitness program.
-Learn the importance of rotational flexibility
-Evaluate where you are compensating for dysfunctional movement
-Build a connection between your nervous system and body
-Become more explosive
-Become acquainted with how your body impacts how you swing the club
-Learn how breathing triggers your movement

Life Instruction

Assisting others is my life’s work.

I enjoy seeing people move from a place of being stuck to have the freedom to pursue their life.  My style is sincere, and I meet people where they are and assist them in journeying to where they desire to be.

Learn to stand on your own two feet.


Learn the ability to see things.


Learn to get to the heart of issues quickly.


Learn to strengthen yourself.


The industry term for what I do is Life Coach; yet I prefer being called a Life Instructor because I am an active participant in the learning process.  I apply my everyday life–all my achievements, failures and bounce backs–with others. I have the ability to flow with anything that is placed in front of me, and tune into the workability within it.


Life Instruction is about discovery and exploration. My focus in working with all my clients is to bring clarity, direction, and magic into each and every life in which I have an opportunity to work.


Here are some of my specialties.


• Activate their intuitive skills

• Utilize Active Listening skills as a problem solving tool

• Harness the ability to function in any situation or job and keep your joy in the process


• Learn to have Fun In The Box vs. looking outside the box.

• Exploring and reveal Blind Spots

• Manage Conflict with Heart


• Bridge Parent/child communication

• Bring clarity to your passion and desires

• Release doubt from blocking your ideas


• Find clarity in the clouds

• Build an I can Win Now attitude

• Problem solve key paths forward