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jerome-greenIt has taken me most of my life to understand the process of winning and I am still learning how to pursue my passion without comparing it to what I think it should be. The shoulds, would, and could are killer to winning. Being able to look at a problem or situation and apply a new approach is critical to winning. Working it new and working it Now is a fun way to approach life.

I recently was going through some old files, and I found four letters that I sent to professional teams for a program I was producing in 1995. The teams were Green Bay Packers, Denver Nuggets, New England Patriots and the New Jersey (now New York) Nets. All four letters were rejection letters. It is Now December 2016 and the letters have gone up in Value. They feel like gold to me.

I can’t remember what I thought of these letters when I received them in 1995, but I can tell you that in I am honored to have received them. They are my personal gold medals. Winning is not about always coming in first, or being accepted, it’s about embracing the new and being in the present with your passions and desire. Finding these letters again ignited a fire in me that had been missing for some time.

Finding these letters again has encouraged me to go for it more. To get more rejections, to pursue with no restraint attack without reservation all that I desire for my life.

I Can Win Now is a process of learning and the pursuit of one’s visions and desires. Great individuals deal with failure, loss, and rejection. I have come to realize that I only truly fail if I quit.

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